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About Us

Allow me to introduce Myself…

How many times did your mom yell at you, because you took things apart just to see if you could put them back together? Me? Thousands of times… Since I was old enough to get under my dad’s feet in the garage, I’ve been fascinated with building things. With dad being a wood worker, I had access to all kinds of small construction tools. Fast forward to my first interior remodel. At age 13, no sewing for me. For my home economics class project, I rehabbed my bedroom. As time marched on, I, and my tastes, have grown up, along with the size of my projects. From hanging wallpaper with pink roses and stripes in a little girl’s room, to turning a 60’s style ranch house into a refreshed home worthy of a 21st century family.

Although Daddy raised me to live in a man’s world, I never quite fit the mold. So, I became my own boss. Thus, the birth of a woman-owned construction company.

“Women with Hammers” is not a company that thinks we can be just as good as men. Nor, do we think we can be better. Duh! No, we embrace the differences that make us unique. We see functionality differently. Where a man might see a laundry room, we see a folding station, a mud room for the pets, a place for everything, out of site, but accessible. We see 5 inch base boards, even though 3 inch are cheaper. We see easy to clean surfaces.

One of the side benefits of choosing to start my own company? I get to teach by example; that it is OK to get outside of your comfort zone. To reach for a screw driver, instead of a barbie doll. To believe in yourself…

So that’s it. I’m Vicki Shellhorn.. This is my company, making the world a better place, one house at a time. Thanks for visiting our site. We would love to hear from you. Please visit our Contact page to find out how.

Vicki Shellhorn

Trade my heels for Boots